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The EBM Team is excited to announce their first open call for participation for their 2017 tour of Athens, Greece!!  We are looking for enthusiastic and open-minded artists with whom to collaborate! Are you a stage designer, do sculpture, do you draw graffiti, are a sound engineer, or do you specialize in multimedia production, etc… Then we are looking for you!

Artist Residency from 20th - 26th November 2017
2 open spots
Includes: accommodation and the opportunity to work at interesting venues in Athens
Deadline for Applications will be open until 1 May 2017


Aim of Project

The Ensemble du Bout du Monde (EBM) is excited to develop ties with other cultures, as is our name sake, from the end of the world. We believe it is our mission to develop and collaborate alongside composers, artists, dancers, other musicians, etc. In meeting with, Greek composer Nicolas Tzortzis, we have developed the idea to surround his new work, entitled Luminuex, with a selection of other Greek works that represent disparate styles but when represented together, they paint a picture of the artistic development of Greek contemporary music.  Click here to learn more about Nicolas Tzortzis's new work.

The Ensemble du Bout du Monde is a collective made up of four classically trained saxophonists from Australia, France, Israel, and the United States. As a contemporary ensemble, they are constantly searching to place art in unexpected and truly unique situations. The saxophone quartet, their tool to make art through music, has sought to create a paradigm shift in the contemporary concept of what this already versatile ensemble is.

Interested equally in breaking away from the classic view of a quartet, the ensemble members deem it necessary to collaborate in a cross-cultural way between the arts and other humanities. Formed, developed, and trained in France, EBM brings four disparate people and cultures together to envision a creative and innovative collective for which there exists no boundaries or limitations.

For questions or inquiries please contact the EBM team here.