Quentin darricau



tenor saxophone


Quentin Darricau is an active saxophonist eager to play a rôle in the development of contemporary art. He graduated from Conservatoire de Bordeaux, Pôle Supérieur de Paris Boulogne-Billancourt, and has worked with various composers such as François Rossé, Étienne Rolin, Christian Lauba, Thierry Alla, Alain Louvier, Julien Malaussena, Simone Movio, Nicolas Tzortzis, Jérémy Hudry, Antoine Villedieu, among many others. 

Quentin is constantly expanding his field of expertise to go beyond what is expected of a classical saxophone player. He owns a diploma in electronics and computer science, has followed a sound synthesis course with Benjamin Moussay, and is proficient in computer music. Improvisation is also an important part of his activity (including jazz and generative improvisation). He has studied with Étienne Rolin and Ibrahim Maalouf and is now developing his own personal language. As a teacher, as well as a performer, Quentin focuses on the education of contemporary repertoire and is convinced of the importance of improvisation in the learning process. He is currently a member of the Ensemble du Bout du Monde, the JMG & Friends saxophone ensemble, and performs with percussionist Steve Calrenbeek-Gennevee.